Corrosion Electronics Transformer Rectifiers

Corrosion Electronics offers a wide range of transformer rectifiers to suit a variety of cathodic protection (CP) applications. Whether its battery powered or AC powered and operating at milliamps or hundreds of amps, Corrosion Electronics can help you with your transformer rectifier design and provide you with a product suitably tailored to your needs.

Lets start with the cabinet...

Transformer rectifiers can come in a variety of different cabinet sizes, many of the TR's that we build are assembled into off-the-shelf type cabinets. Using these off-the-shelf type cabinets can have a dramatic impact on lowering the cost of building a transformer rectifier (designing customised cabinets can be time consuming and costly to manufacture by comparison).All of our transformer rectifier cabinets used can either be wall mounted, mounted onto a plinth or pole mounted if necessary.

All off-the-shelf cabinets are available in either powdercoated mild steel, powdercoated aluminium or 316 stainless steel. If you require your TR to be in a particular colour - it can also be arranged.

Corrosion Electronics is well accustomed to handling transformer rectifier designs that involve customised cabinets. Providing customised cabinets can become necessary when concerned with large scale TR designs or satisfying installation needs.

Choosing a method of control ...

Transformer rectifiers essentially convert incoming AC power into a DC output. This can be acheived using different means. Below you will find information on a few of the control methods that can be used in transformer rectifiers and how they can differ.

Manual Control..

Corrosion Electronics has produced several transformer rectifiers incorporating manual control. Manual control is a very simple control method which primarily refers to the using of a variable autotransformer (variac) and/or a tapped transformer to produce a variable constant voltage DC supply on the output.


  • Robust
  • Simple to operate


  • Constant voltage control only
  • Poor load regulation (voltage sags as current increases)


Phase Angle Control..

Corrosion Electronics is able to offer Phase Angle Control in almost every application apart from solar output regulation. This mode of control has proven to be a very rugged and reliable means of producing a DC output voltage. Whether your needing a single output Transformer Rectifier or even a multiple output Transformer Rectifier, Phase Angle Control can be adapted to suit.


  • Constant Voltage / Current / Potential control modes possible
  • Milliamps to hundreds of amps possible
  • Rugged electronic control
  • Easy to protect from lightning transients
  • Single and 3 phase power input
  • Optional remote control


Switched Mode Control ..

Switched mode power supplies are commonly used throughout the world today and offer distinct advantages over any other method of control.

Some of these advantages are:

  • High Efficiency
  • Low heat dissapation
  • Very low AC ripple on the DC output
  • Ultra-stable operation

The only real disadvantage of SMPS controllers is that they are generally not suitable for large current outputs.